The 2015-2016 Colorado Avalanche “Goalie Controversy”

Okay. I’ve seen a few people share this article ( and I would like to clarify a few things for the people that take this article seriously. Primarily because I’m the Tiny Tendy and I have to protect my boys, but also because I need my fellow Avs fans to realize what’s true and not so true in terms of this “goalie controversy.”
Foremost, I would like to explain to everyone that there has been ONE season since 2003 – Roy’s last year – that there hasn’t been a goalie controversy on this team. We haven’t found a consistent goaltender since the GOAT, that’s statistical fact. I’ll be happy to bore you with those numbers if you so wish, I ran them myself.
Second, the title of this article is entirely an assumption, as literally no one on this team has claimed that Varly is no longer in the number one spot.
A few side points on this “Pickard is Number One!” train. Our wonderful head coach, one Patrick Roy, did not say in any way shape or form that Varly is out for the season. He did, however, say that we are taking things “one game at a time,” said that it was “not easy for [him] to pull [Varly],” and that he places no blame about the result against Minny on him. This in absolutely no way indicates that Pickard is taking over the starting position. He is, however, a backup that is now starting games. How many games he will start of the 17 left in the season? Who knows. But that means nothing when it comes to Varly’s status as our starter. Pickard also understands this, and was very neutral in his locker room interviews, claiming that playing tonight’s game is “a great opportunity.” It’s just that – an opportunity. Nothing is being handed to Pickard, and he certainly isn’t taking this team over.
Third, the following is a direct quote from this atrocious article: “Pickard, 23, has pushed aside Varlamov and his regular backup, Reto Berra, to earn the right to get the Avs back into the playoff picture.” Seeing as how we’ve already discussed how wrong this statement is in terms of Varly, I shall dedicate this point to my favorite Avs prospect, Reto Berra. Reto, who is just recently returning to the ice after an intense ankle injury left him shaky, certainly is not out of the picture because Pickard “pushed him off.” Reto is in the midst of a recovery, and was unable to perform in full practices, thus giving him very little chance to see NHL ice. As a goalie myself, I fully support Roy’s decision to reassign Reto, not because of his play, but because of his recovery. Giving Reto the Rampage back allows him to get his feet (including his healed ankle) beneath him again, and gives him the opportunity to build up confidence moving into a really big off-season. This is no way reflects on Reto’s play throughout the season, and is in his best interest as a healing tendy. This, also, in no way indicates that Pickard beat him out of this position.
Finally, for you, an additional quote from this atrocious article: “Ideally, Pickard will play every game in the upcoming four-game homestand, because it will mean he’s giving the Avs a chance to win each game. Roy can’t afford to turn to Varlamov until Pickard fails.” Now, I can’t tell you how many issues I have with this statement but I’ll try to break it down for y’all. It is not ideal for Pickard to play all four games at home, primarily because it will tire him out when we have bigger fish to fry, and secondly because that completely diminishes Varly’s opportunities to regain his confidence. Granted, Pickard is giving the Avs a chance to win, but if Varly was playing he would also be giving the team a chance to win. What also gives the team the chance to win is the defense refusing to give up breakaway goals and the power forwards we have on this team displaying their talents. Ultimately, a game does not entirely teeter on what number is standing in the net, it teeters on how the team as a unit performs, regardless of the score of last game, the next game, or if we have Sidney Crosby in our net. The point is, we are not functioning well as a team, and that does not fall back on Varly, and it will not be picked up by Pickard. In order to make a playoff push, we need to get our skates under us as a team. And, Roy most certainly can turn to Varly, as he has done repeatedly over these past seasons. Varly was Superman at one point for this team, and we are all aware of what he’s capable of as a goaltender. As Roy said in Wednesday’s press conference, there are highs and lows in Varly’s career, and he’s presently on a slump. Roy also indicated that he has all the faith in the world in our starting goaltender, as he used Crawford as an example to indicate to Varly that he still has a shot to take this team to the top, and that Patrick wants him to do so.
I’ve spent the entire day steaming about this article, and I’ve done my best to explain to y’all why anyone who supports this absolute garbage article either 1. has no clue what’s going on with our team, or 2. believes everything they read, or 3. really, actually believes that Roy is “demoting” (which is an astounding joke of a word to use for this situation) Varly.
Should you have further questions or feel like disputing some of my points (which you shouldn’t, I will slay you) please feel free to sauce me a message or a tweet. Happy to talk Avs hockey.

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